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Mar 13, 2014 · Writing a decent sex scene isn’t easy. I learned this the hard way, several times over, when writing my first erotic novel after years of penning …

While erotica is renowned for appearing in older literature (think Greek classics, or the wave of feminism in the 1900s), there’s actually plenty of it about in 21st century writing.

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Therefore, in the interest of preventing more bad sex writing from entering the cultural jet stream, I am officially setting out my 12-Step Program for Writing Incredibly Hot Scenes. Step 1: Never compare a woman’s nipples to:

The build up was in the story around it… that lead me to writing my first romance novel 15 years ago… Writing sex scenes for women (as most men wont read romance novels) is my new challenge. Challenge Accepted! Thank you, again.

When most of us think of writing about sex, our minds turn to classic authors of explicit fornication (The Marquis de Sade, Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Erica Jong) or to contemporary erotic bestsellers (Fifty Shades of Grey, The Sexual Life of Catherine M., Wetlands).But often the best writing about sex can be found in books that are not about sex at all.

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Writing a fictional sex scene is about the characters, their emotions, and the events in the story. You will not find a formula that tells you how to craft the scene; it is dependent on unique elements found only in your novel.

Aug 25, 2010 · If your characters are alive, odds are good that they will be having sex at some point — or thinking about sex, or running from sex, or hoping for sex. This just happened to …

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Let’s talk about sex, baby. Face it: writing an effective sex scene takes talent. There is no more common denominator in life. Sex literally makes the world go round.

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Sex is part of people’s lives. So how do we teach authors to navigate tricky narrative waters when they write about it?

Dec 02, 2014 · The standard advice for all aspiring authors is to write about what you know – but judging from this year’s Bad Sex awards, many of our greatest writers …

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