“This clinical series is an exciting, early development for women with breast cancer who undergo partial mastectomy,” said Marc H. Hedrick, M.D., president for Cytori Theutics.

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Breast cellulitis is an inflammation of the skin and any underlying tissue that occurs on the breast area. Symptoms and Signs Symptoms of breast cellulitis take place on the infected skin (local symptoms) or on different parts of the body (systematic symptoms).

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While many people associate calcifications with breast cancer, there are a number of other potential causes, ranging from benign breast conditions such as fibroadenomas, to conditions unrelated to the breast, such as calcifications in the arteries that travel through the breast.

Cytori Theutics (NASDAQ: CYTX) is a leading global innovator in the emerging field of regenerative medicine using adipose (fat) tissue as a rich source of a

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Breast cellulitis is a skin infection that occurs as a result of bacterial entry via breaches in the skin barrier. Issues related to breast cellulitis and other skin disorders of the breast will be reviewed here. Issues related to breast abscess and lactational mastitis are discussed separately, as are issues related to breast reconstruction.

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Celution Breast Augmentation (transplantation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells) is a procedure for breast augmentation based on regenerative medicine and involves the collection of stem cells from adipose tissue and the injection of those cells, together with adipose tissue, to allow long-term maintenance of breast conditions after injection.

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Breast cellulitis is a type of serious bacterial infection that affects the skin of the breast. This condition may occur from broken skin, but it’s most often the result of complications from

Cases include breast reconstruction and patients who no longer wish to have silicone breast implants. Additional medical conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and soft tissue sports medicine related injuries are included,” commented Dr. Chin.

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We are driven by the pursuit of safe and effective drugs and medical devices that improve the health and well-being of people with cancer and rare diseases.

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